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Increase Sales, Communication & Negotiating Skills!                                                                                              

How would you like to speak to others the way they listen, sell to your customers the way they buy, train your staff and team members the way that motivates them…and actually have people listen to what you are saying?  The BANKCODE™ Programs offer you the tools to crack the personality code of just about anyone you are communicating with in 90 seconds to 3 minutes.  As a Certified & Licensed BANKCODE Trainer, I help you focus on increasing sales, communication and negotiation skills to achieve results!

♦  The key to communicating effectively

♦  Identifying the values of all personality types

♦  The importance of knowing someone’s personality code


Take STEPS To Your Success!

Wouldn’t it be great if we successfully completed all of our New Year’s resolutions? Very often we get stuck in a place that does not let us move forward.  We become overwhelmed by the next step to take.  We are up against procrastination, being pulled in too many directions…and even the shiny object syndrome. Take STEPS To Your Success will enable you to take action!

♦  Learn the acronym for STEPS

♦  Chunking it down

♦  The importance of focusing on each of the STEPS


Put Some ZIP In Your Elevator Pitch!

How many times have you “zoned out” when someone was doing their Elevator Pitch…checked your phone, day dreamed or even was going over your list of errands?  Unfortunately others may be doing the same to you! You only have one chance to make a great first impression and very often that is with a quick 30 second intro. It could make or break moving forward towards a business relationship. With my ZIP technique you can “Zone In Please” and have an attention grabbing Elevator Pitch!

♦  Learn what makes an attention grabbing elevator pitch

♦  Identify who you are and what you do…to fix a pain point

♦  Three key ways to make your pitch



We all have “To Do” lists that are ever present and never ending with task upon task upon task.  And we’ve all feverishly taken endless notes…filling multiple journals with strategies and gems that we want and need to implement.  But all too often we are overwhelmed and  don’t take nothing ever changes. Using the “IT IS TIME” system will give you clarity on prioritizing what to do to make things happen.

♦   Using the “IT IS TIME” System

♦   Identify actionable items

♦   Accomplishing tasks and implementing strategies makes you feel empowered


Is Your Plate Overflowing..But You Feel Unfulfilled?

As women we tend to wear many hats…too many at times!  We keep piling it all on…various businesses, volunteerism, family, social engagements…until our plates are overflowing…figuratively and at times even literally…with food…but we don’t feel fulfilled!  Understanding why we are reluctant to say “No” and trimming down what we commit ourselves to will offer us the balance we need to be much more productive and feel fulfilled!

♦   Examining everything on your plate…figuratively and literally!

♦   Removing the overflow

♦   No is a complete and polite sentence!


CONNECTING Through Networking Builds Your Network!

Being a single parent I knew the importance of the phrase, “It takes a village!”  My business at hand was to create the best possible situation for my children…so I made sure that I had a network of trusted resources to rely on.  So how come in our business lives we do not see the importance building a network?  It’s not enough to be in the networking circuit multiple times per week…week after week.  We need to implement techniques that go beyond the simple exchange of business cards and shaking hands…to truly CONNECTING! 

♦  Be engaged…not just engaging!

♦  Don’t be a business card collector…be a business connector!

♦  Don’t sell…share!

♦  Be selective on not only how you spend your money…but your time as well!

♦  You follow-up can be even more important then the first impression you made


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