As a Certified & Licensed BANKCODE™ Trainer, Gloria offers the tools for you to speak to others the way they listen, sell to your customers the way they buy and train your staff and team members the way that motivates them!

BANKCODE™ is a Personality Assessment Training Program designed to help you crack the personality code of just about anyone you are communicating with in 90 seconds to 3 minutes!

BANK™ is quick, easy and accurate!

See for yourself…CRACK YOUR CODE and receive a report with your results:

BANK™ focuses on increasing sales, communication and negotiation skills to get results!  Based upon the recent publication of a White Paper…the BANKCODE™ methodology is a scientifically proven personality assessment system…offering the tools and training to customize communication delivery so that messages come across clearly…no matter what personality type you are speaking to… professionally, socially or personally.

Gloria is available for team, group and corporate presentations to train a variety of in-person BANKCODE™ Programs… including BANK™ Fundamentals, Speed Coding and Power Scripting!

Don’t forget to CRACK YOUR CODE and receive a report with your results: